Saturday, March 28, 2009

"weaknesses" of the Holocaust theory

To all of you shocked and apprehensive about the title of this post, don't worry. For any Holocaust deniers that might stumble across this, you will be disappointed that I use you as a point of ridicule.
When trying to figure out what to write to members of the Texas State Board of Education I wanted to write something short, and possibly unique. An argument framed in a way that they may not have encountered before. This is what I wrote
Dear SBOE board members.
My 10 year old daughter in in the Texas public schools (Plano ISD). I know that she will get a proper science education no matter what you decide, because my wife and I will make sure of that. But I am concerned about the children of families that do not have the background in science that my wife and I have.
Let's be absolutely clear that although every scientific theory has some unsolved problems, those who talk about the "weaknesses" of evolution are talking about fabricated and discredited weaknesses. Those alleged weaknesses of evolution by natural selection are on par with the sorts of weaknesses that holocaust deniers regurgitate when they try to undermine evidence for the holocaust. Indeed any argument presented for teaching "weaknesses" of evolution apply equally as well (or badly) as arguments for teaching weaknesses of the Holocaust theory in history classes.
So please don't undermine the teaching of real science by giving in to those who present lies and distortions for non-scientific ideological views.
With best wishes, Jeffrey Goldberg Plano TX

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